Education loan melas in Perambalur, a hit

Education loan melas being organised by the district administration in association with banks have proved to be a hit, with a large number of students thronging the second round of the camp held on S Read more:


Every Year, Turtles Get Stuck In These Railroad Tracks — This Is The Cute Solution

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When a bunch of turtles were found riding the rails near the Suma Aqualife Park in Kobe, Japan, something had to be done. Because of the park’s proximity to the ocean, these cute critters often end up climbing over one of the train tracks, becoming stuck between the two. With nowhere to go though, they […]


33 Essential Free Fonts You Need To Download

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You deserve more than the fonts your computer came with. View this image › BuzzFeed View this image › BuzzFeed 1. Bitter View this image › BuzzFeed / The type of font you could put to good use in a cover letter…. Download here. 2. Dubiel View this image › BuzzFeed / …..or […]