10 Symbols In Your Dreams That You Definitely Shouldn’t Ignore

Do you ever wake up from a vivid dream and wonder, “What in the HELL did that mean?”

Sometimes we can write off our dreams as bizarre musings of the mind. However, there are some dreams that experts say you should never ignore. From teeth falling out to dying, they may hint at deeper issues of fear and anxiety. If you’ve had any of these 10 dreams, you may want to consider what your night terrors really mean.

1. Teeth Falling Out

What it means: Experts say that teeth symbolize power and confidence, so if you dream that they’re falling out, it may be because you feel like you’re losing control at work, home, or in your relationship.

What you should do: Find where the loss of confidence is coming from and work to resolve it. Even something simple, like a new haircut or an act of self care, might help regain some of the assurance you’ve lost.

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2. Getting Injured

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