16 Adorably Needy Pets That Absolutely Will Not Be Ignored

Part of having pets is loving on them and giving them all kinds of attention.

Cuddling with my pup and kitties is my favorite part of the day, by far. Every once in awhile, though, I get busy and think to myself that my animals might be feeling a little bit neglected. Usually that’s just me being paranoid, because even when my animals are getting all the love in the world they can’t get enough.

So many people have hilariously needy pets, and there are tons of pictures and videos out there of pets who demand the attention they deserve. Here are 16 of the most adorable.

1. That, my friends, is the sound of a dog that needs more love and needs it NOW.

2. “The human is always on the computer, but I need love 24/7.”

Youtube / ViralHog

3. Don’t you DARE stop rubbing my tummy!

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Youtube / TheBinghamHouse

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Youtube / CJBinks

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Youtube / Rumble Viral

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Youtube / Peter Jobe

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Youtube / Holly’s Journey

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Youtube / crazy Videos

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Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/needy-pets/

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