16 Struggles Anyone With Asian Hair Will Understand


Straight talk.

1. Having the most untamable hair as a baby…

2. … And as an adult.

3. Only being able to choose from a limited number of hairstyles in the morning: straight or straight.

4. Having to cover your hair because it’s basically a sharp, hazardous object.

5. Never being able to get the perfect ponytail.

6. Owning a curling iron that works better on your friends’ hair than your own.

it worked for her but not me #asianhairproblems @kelseydoniee

— rachel_nguyenn (@rach)

7. Knowing your fabricated curls have a limited shelf life.

can you believe I curled my hair 2 hours ago………. L-O-FUCKING-L #teamhaircantcurl #asianhair

— theLadyAMC (@Alex)

8. Losing your pretty waves almost immediately to bad weather.

9. Getting your hair butchered by a regular stylist…

10. … Then trying forever to find someone who actually knows how to cut Asian hair.


11. Requiring an insane amount of hairspray to hold any style in place.

Aunt: Oh gosh, that’s too much hairspray. Me: blame your sister and brother-in-law for having me, PIN STRAIGHT HAIR. #asianhairproblems

— VaanMoo_ (@Princessa)

And that’s not just the ladies.


12. The complete crapshoot of coloring your hair.

Photo: So this is what #bleaching looks like on my #asianhair. Dunno what’s up with the #purple http://t.co/kriUzmotwp

— cybilsaenz (@Cybil Saenz)

13. Using several boxes of hair dye at a time and having it only kiiiinda work.

14. Spending an obscene amount of money at a salon to actually get the color you want…

15. … Then having to spend even more money to correct a brassy dye job.

Photo: Before and after #colorcorrection #color #hair #haircolor #blonde #blondeasian #asianhair… http://t.co/eJBOAqfUvm

— MizzChoi (@Miss Sharon Choi)

16. Coming to the realization that your hair just might be color-proof.

I dyed my hair 5 shades lighter and it still looks black, even after I bleached it. #AsianHairProblems

— Bubba_Gumm (@Laura Yung)

But the one thing people with Asian hair will never struggle with…

Having hair that looks really, really good in slo-mo.

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