19 Times Parents Have No Chill

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“Mom, you’re embarrassing me!”

1. When you meet your kid’s new “cool” friend and try to impress them.


2. When you’re out in public and realize you didn’t pack any diapers.

3. When your kid reaches even the simplest of milestones.

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4. When you’ve been away from your kid too long on a business trip.


5. When your kid says something rude in public.

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6. When someone sneezes near your newborn baby.


7. When your kid is at bat in Little League.


8. When you show your kid your favorite movie from your childhood and REALLY want them to like it.

9. When your kid insists on ordering their own meal at a restaurant and then doesn’t eat a single bite.


10. When your kid says they’re in their room “studying.”


11. When you come across an item you need on clearance at Target.


12. When you’re not feeling appreciated after a long day.


13. When you finally get a moment to yourself.


14. When you’re trying to snap a photo of your kid with your cell phone.


15. When some rando yells at your kid.


16. When the clerk tells you they only have one copy left of the new video game your kid desperately wants for Christmas.


17. When you realize you’re going to have to spend the day with your toddler somewhere that isn’t baby-proofed.

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18. When you think it might be too late to sign your kid up for preschool.


19. When you find your kid’s shoes in the middle of the family room.

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