19 Uses For Clothespins That Have Nothing To Do With Drying Your Laundry

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Clothespins have been carrying the weight of our wet sheets and delicate unmentionables for more than 160 years. They’ve put up with being banished to the backyard clothesline or laundry room, but that stops today! There are so many other ways to use the versatile clips and none of them have to with drying your clothing.

1. For starters, customize your clothespins by dying them in vinegar, food coloring, and water.

2. Keep your embroidery floss organized.

3. Clothespins can act as needles when sewing piping or bindings.

4. Want to make a candle? Use a clothespin for some wick help.

5. Make sure everyone’s completing their to-do list for the week with this cute calendar.

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6. Keep the germs from your kitchen gloves off the counters by storing them under the sink.

7. Keep your spoon from slipping into the pot while you’re cooking.

8. Need an apron? Pin a dish towel to your clothing and you’ll be good to go!

9. Parchment paper has a mind of its own, so hold it in place before baking with some clothespins.

Just remember to remove them before popping your pan in the oven.

10. Stop finding your headphones tangled with the help of this cute storage trick.

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11. Keep your car smelling fresh with an essential oil, craft felt balls, some glue, and a clothespin.

12. Store your scarves in a chic way that saves space too.

13. Make sure everyone sees you on the road at night with this quick bike light.

14. Guests will never guess these adorable planters are made from old tuna cans.

15. Make a fun photo wall with clothespins and Polaroid photos.

16. This adorable clothespin wreath is perfect for the 4th of July.

17. This fun toothbrush storage idea is perfect for your kids’ bathroom.

18. Hang this in your laundry room and find all your socks’ missing mates.

19. Stop hurting your fingers because of bad aim with this hammer trick.

(via One Crazy House)

These things are so useful — I’m headed to the dollar store to stock up!

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