1D’s Harry Styles tweets ‘RIP Baroness Thatcher’; Fans confused, angry


While many clueless young people around the world were asking “Who is Margaret Thatcher?,” One Direction pop star Harry Styles was thankfully not one them.

His fans, alas, are another story.


i am in stitches at the fact people think margaret thatcher is a he and @Harry_Styles ' friend.

— KΔTESSS. (@k_tillotson) April 8, 2013


"RT @xostylesgirlxo: @Harry_Styles i am sorry 🙁 but who was this person?"Sadly, some of Harry's fans were confused by his Thatcher tribute

— Rory Cellan-Jones (@ruskin147) April 8, 2013

@darrenham It was all the kids who replied to Harry Styles tweeting "RIP Baroness Thatcher" with "Who's he?" that really made me laugh.

— D for Dérive (@DforDerivative) April 8, 2013

Marget Thatcher died and you tweet @harry_styles asking who it is when he says R.I.P? She was in charge of our country people!

— Phoebe Is A Penguin (@BlondeyPenguin) April 8, 2013

"Harry Styles: RIP Baroness Thatcher .x" 1D Fans Response – "is he your friend?".."so sorry to hear that, but who?" pic.twitter.com/6SGhH5Zm52

— Brad Foster (@BradleyTFoster) April 8, 2013

Then there were the 1D’ers who can’t tolerate a pop star showing decency to a great world leader. In response to his civil condolences, they’ve unfollowed or threatened to unfollow him.

"@Harry_Styles: RIP Baroness Thatcher .x" I followed Harry just so I could unfollow him for this! Bound to lose at least 1-2m followers

— Conn Stevenson (@ConnStevenson91) April 8, 2013

Had to unfollow a few celebs paying their respects to thatcher but I couldn't unfollow @Harry_Styles. Ill let you away with that 1 kid

— lee groogan (@lgroogan) April 8, 2013

@Harry_Styles: RIP Baroness Thatcher .x” I have actually just unfollowed you

— c a i t (@caitlinaustin_) April 8, 2013

@spicerlife as it seems is Harry Styles… I've unfollowed him.

— Maggie Alderson (@MaggieA) April 8, 2013



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