Anaheim #ANACRIME: Fourth night of riots, tear gas, fire…and fireworks!/VoiceofOC/status/227963032398086144

Local reporters, ACLU activists, Occupiers, and residents are lighting up Twitter late tonight with the latest from Anaheim Under Siege.

Twitchy  told you yesterday about an eruption of community anger and violence after Anaheim, Calif., police reportedly killed two men in separate incidents.

The protests continued tonight amid chaos. And flaming dumpsters. And broken Starbucks windows. And Disney fireworks. Yes, Disney fireworks.

Streets of #Anaheim transformed into war zone by police. Beanbag rounds & pepper balls continue to be fired at protesters

— Kevin Gosztola (@kgosztola) July 25, 2012

Dumpster fire #Anaheim

— Ajai Dittmar (@sibzianna) July 25, 2012

Riot police examine a second dumpster fire, which @Timcast thinks smells like a chemical fire. #Anaheim

— Cheepy (@shesists) July 25, 2012

On one side, Disney fireworks! On the other, a dumpster fire! #Anaheim

— Scott Shackford (@SShackford) July 25, 2012

dumpster on fire behind Hilgenfeld Mortuary and the point of that is…? #Anaheim

— Epic Beer Girl (@epicbeergirl) July 25, 2012

More objects thrown at police outside sun kist packing house #ANACRIME #AnaheimExecution #AnaheimPolice

— Feral Ferguson (@FeralFerguson) July 25, 2012


— Feral Ferguson (@FeralFerguson) July 25, 2012

Fire out #ANACRIME #AnaheimExecution #AnaheimPolice

— Feral Ferguson (@FeralFerguson) July 25, 2012

breathing in pepper spray #Anaheim

— Amber Lyon (@AmberLyon) July 25, 2012

caught in cloud of tear gas #anaheim

— Amber Lyon (@AmberLyon) July 25, 2012

Disneyland fireworks now- not to be confused w/ cops shooting

— Amber Lyon (@AmberLyon) July 25, 2012

#Disneyland fireworks and police officers. #anaheim

— Vanessa (@nessanluna) July 25, 2012

#ANAHEIM PROTEST: Officers close gas station amid reports of protesters filling bottles with gas

— ABC7 Eyewitness News (@ABC7) July 25, 2012

A protest over two fatal police officer-involved shootings was under way outside Anaheim City Hall Tuesday where the city council was scheduled to meet.

There were more than 100 protesters in front of City Hall before the Tuesday afternoon City Council meeting began. The meeting was delayed as a result. The meeting resumed by 6 p.m.

Anaheim Boulevard was closed in both directions at City Hall by the protest.

More than 100 police officers from Anaheim, Fullerton, Westminster, Brea, Garden Grove, Huntington Beach and Orange departments were on scene. Several arrests were reported.

There was a report that a Molotov cocktail was thrown at an officer at Elm near Anaheim Blvd.

An Arco gas station on Broadway was closed because crowd was gathering there amid reports that protesters were filling bottles with gas. People have been pushed out of the area and officers surrounded the gas station.

Tuesday’s gathering marked the third straight day of demonstrations in Anaheim since the shooting of Manuel Diaz.

@Amish_Girl This will be a major story tomorrow Amish_Girl. People are rioting over two officer involved shootings in Anaheim.

— Lex_491 (@Lex_491) July 25, 2012

Rubber bullets now being shot at protesters in #Anaheim. That will show those families protesting police violence!

— Jayel Aheram (@aheram) July 25, 2012

Stay safe for all those in #Anaheim. The officers have families too. They sacrifice their lives for strangers. Use common sense people.

— Dee (@DeeVillanueva11) July 25, 2012

Anaheim riot #fail moment no. 10: Fox news showing footage of ppl who encountered riot, dumb girl pops into shot & yells "IMA CELEBRITY!"

— Lil$ (@Lttlestuff) July 25, 2012

A few sane voices weighed in:

The riot in Anaheim seriously won't solve anything..

— Erika (@GeezeErika) July 25, 2012

Really though, breaking windows and burning trash cans aren't going to do anything but hurt your cause. #anaheim #riotsarestupid

— Adrian M (@AMAUR88) July 25, 2012

@Anaheim scary drive home to drop off dad. Trash can in middle of road on fire & think a guy waved gun at us. Yikes. Pray for peace.

— Diane Ferraro (@DianeFerraro) July 25, 2012

You people are not protestors and are really pissing me off – setting property on fire? Breaking windows? #WEAK #Anaheim

— Xenia (@RaisedByCulture) July 25, 2012

Friend is stating that there is apts on fire. People need to realize that their stupidity is hurting the community not helping. #anaheim

— Wendy Magana (@WendyLu_) July 25, 2012

But looks like they are outnumbered:

The rioters in anaheim are really stepping up their game. They just broke all the windows at the starbucks. That will get their attention!

— Eddie in Santa Paula (@EDnSantaPaula) July 25, 2012

"i started the first fire homie!" dude off-camera, way cooler than dude streaming #anaheim

— JMB3 (@sleepyhologram) July 25, 2012

Wannabe anarchists cheered from the Twitter sidelines:

1 2 3 FUCK THE POLICE!!! Stay up Anaheim!!!

— Mai (@MaiEyePhoto) July 25, 2012

Anaheim Twitter users, both for and against the riots, have dubbed the whole mess #ANACRIME:

I just counted 10 ghetto birds in the sky right now . #anacrime

— Chilla (@ImJustChilla) July 25, 2012

Im happy im in the bay tonight #anacrime

— Alex Millares (@AlexMillares44) July 25, 2012

8 police helicopters flying over my neighborhood #anaheim or #anacrime?

— Adrian M (@AMAUR88) July 25, 2012

Wonder if #Anacrime will self destruct tonight?

— Eric Doeding (@edoeding) July 25, 2012

Why are there babies or children even at this riot? Take care of your damn kids people #anacrime #anaheim #anaslime

— shanc (@shanc) July 25, 2012

Only in #Anacrime 😔 #riot #anaheim

— BЯΔИᎠOℕ (@vroombrandon) July 25, 2012

The home of the “Happiest Place of Earth?” Not this week:

Not the happiest place on earth tonight. Not the home of the angels tonight. #Anaheim

— Kris Becker (@Kris_Becker) July 25, 2012

So much for the happiest place on earth. "@KFINEWS Steve here in Anaheim. Cops trying to control crowd near city hall"

— Cathy Knowles Diaz (@CathyofTO) July 25, 2012

Anaheim is supposed to be home to the happiest place in the world. What in the wide world of sports is going on? #anaheim

— GKJM (@NorCalKMo) July 25, 2012


Update 2:55am Eastern/11:55pm Pacific: The stand-off continues into the late night and early morning.

Here is a better picture of that wall of police. #Anaheim

— Scott A Cochran (@scottac87) July 25, 2012

Every instance of civil unrest has to include a Starbucks just by statistical inevitability, right? #Anaheim

— Susie Cagle (@susie_c) July 25, 2012

Starbucks windows smashed in #Anaheim ( @cross_x_bones live at

— Freedom (@OccupyFreedomLA) July 25, 2012

Reports of windows broken at this #Anaheim shopping center with Starbucks & Subway

— Kitty Alvarado (@HeyKitty) July 25, 2012

Starbucks is sacred to many of the protest sympathizers. This was an #ANACRIME too far:

I'll say this, I don't see how destroying a Starbucks tells cops not to use brutality against them. #justsayin'… #Anaheim

— Kelly Statik (@kstatik) July 25, 2012

so my starbucks is the one that got smashed in the anaheim riots today. people need to think with their brains and not their fists.pointless

— Robin Madsen (@rmadsen84) July 25, 2012

This is embarrasing! Trashing the starbucks really!? This is too far Anaheim

— Karina Ledesma (@klizbeth92) July 25, 2012

The wannabe anarchists on the Twitter sidelines responded again:

Smash cops, not Starbucks. #Anaheim

— Gavin Bard (@lightfantastic) July 25, 2012

It’s going to be a long night.

Officers sweeping vons parking lot. #ANACRIME #AnaheimPolice

— Feral Ferguson (@FeralFerguson) July 25, 2012

Los Angeles Sherrifs on scene. #ANACRIME #AnaheimPolice #anaheim

— Feral Ferguson (@FeralFerguson) July 25, 2012

Yes, imagine:

Imagine if, Anaheim citizens were more passionate about ridding their communities of gangs instead of destroying their own city.

— Joe P (@joseole1115) July 25, 2012

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