Are You More East Coast Or More West Coast?


Find out if you belong on the beach or braving the snow.


    1. A glass of wine

    2. An entire pizza

    3. A six-pack of beer

    1. A warm cup of tea

    2. Weed

    3. Reading Proust

    1. When I’m going to and from the gym

    2. If I’m out running errands

    3. Literally anywhere

    1. Ski cabin

    2. Cliffside beach house

    3. Remote forest bungalow

    1. Anything on a lake

    2. A really baller mansion

    3. Whimsical beach hut

Are You More East Coast Or More West Coast?

  1. You got: More East Coast

    Hold on to your peacoat: It turns out you’re an East Coaster at heart. You walk fast, talk fast, don’t put up with BS, and believe a little bit of cold weather never hurt anyone. Odds are you graduated from a great college and live out that “work hard, play hard” cliché.

  2. You got: More West Coast

    Dude, you’re SO West Coast. You probably live in a hoodie and realize that work and money aren’t the only things in the world. You’d rather die than deal with blizzards and snow shovels, and who can blame you? Where you are is pretty hella rad.

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