At First, His Shower Drain Needed To Be Fixed…But He Didn’t Stop There

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Coming upon a leaky shower drain one day, Redditor sixstyle had a problem. He just had to know why it was leaking. But with the pipe under the shower floor, he was left with no feasible way to find out…unless he tore it up. What happened next is the stuff of home improvement dreams.

Not only did he find the culprit, but he used the opportunity to turn his ancient bathroom into a work of art. Just see for yourself and marvel at his epic handiwork.

Somehow, this drain just wouldn’t stop leaking.

Needing to know why, this home improvement expert decided to rip up the floor.

But all he found were pipes, even ones not in use.

Still wondering why the leak occurred, he decided to take apart the shower wall.

…And the rest of the bathroom.

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He truly needed to know how and why the leak existed!

It wasn’t until he’d ripped up the entire bathroom that he found the leak in the drain pipe. Of course, by that time, he needed to do a full remodel to make the room useful again.

So first he installed a new radiator.

Then he picked out tile for the shower wall.

He even installed LED lights.

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Then he built the shower floor, without the leaky drain.

He built up the shower walls…

And he covered them with the beautiful new tile.

Turning back to the rest of the bathroom, he added paint to the brick walls along with additional tiles.

The result is a beautifully modern bathroom.

Not to mention, a shower that looks and feels like a million bucks.

Though he made it look easy, we’re sure sixstyle not only has years of building experience, but also a good deal of spare time. If only he could fix my lackluster shower…

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