Attempted murder-suicide at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Mo.!/megwright5/status/246721562160553984

This afternoon’s bomb scare at the Richard Bolling Federal Building still fresh in their minds, Kansas City residents are no struggling t to make sense of an attempted murder-suicide in the parking lots outside of Kauffman Stadium:

Police said the victim worked in the parking lot and was on duty when the gunman, believed to be her boyfriend or former boyfriend, approached with a gun.

The gunman shot her once in the abdomen and he returned to his car, where he shot and killed himself. He died at the scene. The woman is undergoing surgery at a hospital.

Pics from Truman Sports Complex parking lot A (Kauffman Stadium/Arrowhead Stadium) where 1 reported dead in a shooting

— KMBC (@kmbc) September 14, 2012

Bomb threats downtown, reported shooting at Kauffman Stadium. Anything else, Kansas City?

— Adam Drovetta (@ADrovetta) September 14, 2012

Good grief. Now there's an attempted murder-suicide at Kauffman Stadium. Kansas City is not having a good day. (Via @41actionnews)

— Erica Smith (@ericasmith) September 14, 2012

A bomb in Downtown, now a shooting out at Kauffman stadium?? WTF KANSAS CITY???

— Sean Donnelly (@SeanDonn33) September 14, 2012

Bomb threat by a self proclaimed terrorist & a shooting at Kauffman Stadium? Wtf Kansas City…

— Presley Lewis (@presleylewis) September 14, 2012

Crazy day in Kansas city! Accidental bomb threat at DT federal bldg by a #chiefs fan, and a shooting at Kauffman stadium b4 a #royals game

— Derek Richardson (@RAC_CEO) September 14, 2012

Shooting in the Kauffman Stadium parking lots and a bomb threat downtown? Not a great day in Kansas City it sounds like.

— Kyle Martin (@kmartx01) September 14, 2012

A shooting at kauffman stadium. And a bomb threat downtown…what the hell is going on with Kansas City today?

— Aaron Morris (@aaronmorris_17) September 14, 2012

This is madness Kansas City! First a bomb threat downtown and now a shooting resulting in a murder at Kauffman Stadium? All bad KC.

— Ramey Dawoud (@RameyDawoud) September 14, 2012

WTF is going on in Kansas City?! Murder-suicide at the K, and now a bomb threat? smh

— Skye Conley (@cielocon) September 14, 2012

Its crazy town in Kansas City today. Bomb threats and an attempted murder & suicide. Whoa. Maybe I should stay home tonight.

— Janette Platter (@janetteplatter) September 14, 2012

Whaaaa?? RT “@MissKrys58: A murder-suicide at the K and bomb threats downtown….what a horrible day in Kansas City…”

— Annamarie (@tropicanna14) September 14, 2012

Bomb threat at the fed building and shooting at the K. Wtf is going on, Kansas City?! #makelovenotwar 🙂

— Hilary Embry (@hil_i_am) September 14, 2012

We hope the victim comes out of surgery safely and recovers quickly.

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