Blind Golden Retriever Knows How to Love Life

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Duchess has a heart of gold, but that’s not what makes her special. She’s unique because she is actually missing something: her eyes. She developed pigmentary uveitis two years ago and because of this painful condition, her family had her eyes removed.

She’ll show you how to truly love someone, even if she can’t see how she does it herself.

Duchess was born with the sweetest disposition… one she didn’t lose after going blind.

2 years ago, she developed a pigmentary uveitis, which left her blind.

Her eyes were removed to also remove her pain.

But Duchess didn’t mind, she still had a big heart.

And she intends on using it daily.

Duchess visits classrooms as a therapy dog, brightening kids’ days. She shows children that disabilities shouldn’t stop anyone. They don’t define her and they shouldn’t define us.


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