Carlos Danger? Cindy McCain wants to know!/cindymccain/status/360067321286508544

Is he or isn’t he? Let’s see a show of hands:!/PriscillaOpperm/status/360069047502635010!/BlazerTalon/status/360069619433750528!/StrayYellarDawg/status/360071028594057217!/kimmycul8r/status/360074708919664641!/knck1es/status/360070463956852738

As a matter of fact:!/BruceBarmer/status/360069463791501314!/UPPastryPlate/status/360070121865232390!/RABerlin1/status/360070732094521344

Oh, San Diego Mayor Bob Filner? Most definitely predatorial in his own right.!/dobewithadoobie/status/360069750388301824!/LeeBrenner/status/360067921290076160

Actually, no. While “Sydney Leathers,” the woman at the center of yesterday’s Weiner bombshell, describes herself as an “immature” 22-year-old at the start of the online relationship, when Weinergate I broke in 2011, it was revealed that the randy representative had been communicating with underage girls.

Cindy McCain may not be right about a lot of things, but when it comes to Anthony Weiner, she’s on the money.


Editor’s note: Blogger Patterico has mapped out the full, sordid Weinergate timeline. You can check it out here.



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