Check out McAuliffe election group’s cringeworthy Cuccinelli smear [pic]!/Timodc/status/369613290915106816

Whoa … hold up:

Missiles in airports?!?!??
Yes. Really.
#VAGov >>>—   (@Terry4Gov) August 20, 2013

Say wut? Did that just happen? Yes it did. Several more times, in fact:!/Terry4Gov/status/369830331748077569!/Terry4Gov/status/369836186484760577


You know it’s bad when even Chris Hayes is facepalming:!/chrislhayes/status/369918710267387904

It is embarrassing, Chris. And not just because of its poor production values:!/JonHenke/status/369919270932979713

It actually gets worse:!/ChristianTappe/status/369918590318678016


McAuliffe’s got enough problems to deal with. An inept group of supporters isn’t gonna do him any favors. Snarkers, on the other hand, benefit immensely.!/RINOPundit/status/369921220377976832!/freddoso/status/369926424313872384


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