Check Out These 20 Unbelievably Close Calls. These Must Be The Luckiest People Ever.

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If every day is a gift, the ones these people had were nicely-wrapped boxes shot from cannons that whizzed by their heads. If you’ve come any closer to dying than these people, you’re a lousy liar or some sort of one-upping ghost.

It’s more dangerous to ride in the passenger’s side of a car for a reason. This isn’t it.

WHALE-P, time to go home.


“On second thought, maybe I will walk to work.”

“See? Told you this ad wasn’t wasn’t too on the nose.”

Keep us posted on how you made out.


A perfect 10 for not dying.

That wood have been awful.

Hat’s off to all of the survivors!


Remind me again why body armor is no longer in fashion? Just a split second (and a lot of luck) saved these people from absolutely horrific deaths. Take some time to appreciate the fact that you are alive and kicking. Also, please look both ways the next time you cross the street.

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