Conservatives to House GOP: Get with the PR program!!/DrewMTips/status/286516269702868993

I’m in awe of the GOP’s ability to turn doing the right thing (no Sandy pork) into a PR disaster.

— DrewM (@DrewMTips) January 2, 2013

House Republicans are taking major heat for scrapping the pork-padded Sandy relief bill, and while many conservatives (and their wallets) are grateful that the bill is currently stymied, they remain appalled at the GOP’s stunning lack of damage control:

The media has always been liberal. The GOP has not always been PR-inept.

— Jim Antle (@jimantle) January 2, 2013

They’re urging the Republicans to up their PR game and either shape up, or ship out:

If GOP House wants to make a principled stand against Sandy bill pork, I get it. But they’re just getting pummeled w/out any counterattack.

— Philip Klein (@philipaklein) January 2, 2013

@philipaklein Doesn’t the GOP always get pummeled without any counter attack? This is their primary problem. Zero PR/Crisis Management.

— Sheryl (@sav01) January 2, 2013

@kevinboyd1984 You would think politicians would know they need a PR company. Hello GOP??

— AJ(@SeeTac7) January 2, 2013

Republicans in the House are PR idiots. No press conference about why the Sandy Relief Bill didn’t get voted on? REALLY?!

— Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) January 2, 2013

Republicans- it’s ok to be proactive vs reactive! Learn PR please! GOP you are killing us!

— Brian McCarty (@brianmccartydfw) January 2, 2013

@rachelaring you are right on. They are a PR nightmare and do not communicate the message well nor in a timely manner. #gop #tcot

— LibertyCallsYouOut (@dwightrobertsjr) January 2, 2013

Republicans, this isn’t hard. Send out a press release about what is actually in the relief bill: not relief. #protip

— Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) January 2, 2013

Please have a press conference and read line by line each piece of pork that would not go to a Sandy Victim maybe in this news cycle @gop

— Amy(@CAAmyO) January 2, 2013

GOP, you can’t scrap a Sandy relief bill without explaining why. How many times do you have to lose public opinion before you wake up?

— Jedediah Bila (@JedediahBila) January 2, 2013

@jedediahbila Amazing the ignorance of the GOP. Use a good PR firm if they can’t do it themselves or fire the ones they have!

— CalFreedomMom (@CalFreedomMom) January 2, 2013

We #fail at optics/msg’g “@jedediahbila: Senate Dems stuffed Sandybill to brim with pork.GOP doesn’t plan on doing any PR to clarify.Typical

— Morgan (@mhwestbrook) January 2, 2013

Republicans are in ANOTHER PR disaster. It’s getting really freaking old. Learn 2 play 2 game or get out of office for others to replace you

— Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) January 2, 2013

House Republicans have become quite adept when it comes to shooting themselves in the foot. They’d be wise to take conservatives’ advice — it certainly couldn’t hurt.

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