Cruz recognizes creator of huge ‘more Republicans like Ted Cruz’ sign [pics]!/kennyomalley85/status/371722473978347520

Bruce Labay runs an oilfield services company in El Campo, Texas, and he loves him some Ted Cruz.!/MKelliTx/status/386939727896518656

He’s not feeling much love for “candy-ass Republicans” (or as the New York Times reported, “softhearted Republicans“).!/amandacarpenter/status/391386951435042816

Via the New York Times:

Mr. Labay, 55, made his signs by sticking 1,200 plastic foam cups, one by one, into the loops of his chain-link fence, a 90-minute project that filled much of the fencing around BL Oilfield Services in the town of El Campo.

“I was proud of him,” Mr. Labay said of the state’s junior senator. “I was proud he was a Texan. I wish they would have held firm, and we’d still be shut down.”

Cruz showed his appreciation for the sign at his “welcome home” rally in Texas.!/jonmcclellan/status/392454461529944064

Mr. Labay. you’re doing something very, very right.!/RRGilston/status/391604057728487424

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