Disturbing: Young people threaten suicide if Obama, Romney elected


In a rather morbid turn of events, a disturbingly high number of young people have taken their displeasure with Obama and Romney to an extreme level and are claiming that they will kill themselves if their preferred candidate loses the election next month.

Some say they won’t be able to cope if Obama wins reelection:

I swear to God if 25 ppl can give me a legit reason as to why they’re voting for Obama I will kill myself (favorite this)

— Nel (@PureIgnorance_) October 4, 2012

If Obama wins the elections I might as well just kill myself cause we will go no where but down with him

— LaurenSilva (@LaurenSilva16) October 4, 2012

Obama is the worst and if he wins I will kill myself

— Lauren❤ (@_janoskianz_) October 4, 2012

If Obama gets back in office I’m seriously gonna kill myself

— Caroline Littlejohn (@carolinelittlej) October 4, 2012

If Obama is re-elected, I may kill myself.

— Johnny Bananas(@J4EZ) October 4, 2012

Srsly if obama wins ill kill myself

— Rachel Smalley (@souicilehc) October 4, 2012

honestly if Obama is re elected i might as well just kill myself

— Cassidy Bouchard (@CassidyBouchard) October 5, 2012

If Obama’s president again i will kill myself #FUCKOBAMA

— always on my mind (@Pitochu__) October 5, 2012

If obama wins this election I’m probably going to kill myself #obamabandwagon

— Sofa King Cool(@Billy_Enz) October 7, 2012

Many more are vowing to end their lives in the event of a Romney victory:

Romney and obama are both so shitty but if romney becomes president I might kill myself

— Scott Ridgway (@SRidg15) October 4, 2012

If Obama wins I’ll be happy. If Romney wins I’ll kill myself.

— FollowMeJake&Adam (@imaboyjaker) October 4, 2012

If Obama wouldn’t win I’ll kill myself.

— Queenva†o™ ♔ (@DemiIsYourBoss) October 3, 2012

If Obama don’t win I’ma kill myself..

— Antonio Zuniga (; (@iLoveBoobieszz) October 3, 2012

If Mitt Romney wins, I will kill myself. 😒🔫

— Casey Wilkins. 🙂 (@Im_CaseyWilkins) October 3, 2012

If Mit Romney….becomes our mother effing president..I’ll kill my myself.

— Kassidy Bush (@KassidyBush) October 4, 2012

I look at Romney and just wanna kill myself

— Detective Griffin (@vidalgriffin_II) October 4, 2012

If romney wins im gonna kill myself and ship my body to europe bc i dont even want my dead body in america

— bobby hill (@miasaysmeow) October 10, 2012

If I have to listen to romney for the next 4 years, I might kill myself. #FuckRomney #Obama2012

— mearcat (@MearaWilliamson) October 4, 2012

If I see one more Romney poster in my town, I’m going to kill myself.

— shea!! (@sheatothemoon) October 8, 2012

Romney is ahead in the polls ? excuse me while i go kill myself..

— Rapunzel (@BabyJuulia) October 9, 2012

The fact that I live in a country where 8m+ people like Mitt Romney means it’s time to kill myself.

— Axis (@TyZero_G) October 2, 2012

ill kill myself in front of the white house and have my dog paint my blood all over it if romney wins presidency.

— Nicole Pepe (@niicoleesiena) October 4, 2012

I will kill myself if romney wins! -.- hes gunna fuck up shit just like bush did ! Probablt worse!

— December 12th(; (@_ILikeTacos) October 10, 2012

If mitt romney becomes president, you don’t have even have to kill me, I’ll kill myself. Y’all needa vote obama

— OCT 3, 2012 BEST DAY (@Sprung0nJustin) October 8, 2012

@skeetfoxes if mitt romney gets elected i will kill myself

— sammy jo (@sammysaidwhat) October 10, 2012

If Romney wins, i will kill myself, might as well, he’s gana fuck everything up anyways 😒

— ∞ November 12th ∞ (@_UneJolieFille_) October 9, 2012

A handful of Twitterers seem to be under the bizarre impression that Romney will ban tampons if elected and see that as reason enough to kill themselves:

If Romney takes away tampons I will kill myself

— TheBrunetteBitch (@Brunette_Girlll) October 8, 2012

if mitt Romney bans tampons I’m literally going to kill myself

— ♡emmmmmma♡ (@sadlyf) October 10, 2012


— Sarah. (@sarah_lupo) October 9, 2012

Some admit that they’re not serious about taking their own lives:

If romney wins im gonna kill myself. Ahahahaja jk, ill just go back to my own country.

— L1l’ Cuete:. (@BrenzySuuun) October 3, 2012

“@sorryimnani: If obama win , what yall going to do when he cant run again ?” Kill myself .. Lol

— BobTheBuilder (@MonkeyAssNigga_) October 3, 2012

Forgive us if we fail to see the humor in threats of suicide. Joking about ending your life is shameful; suicide is not to be taken lightly.

If Romney becomes president I’ll seriously kill myself u feel me

— slag ☝ (@devilcunt666) October 2, 2012

If Obama doesn’t win the election this year I honestly just might have to kill myself.

— Alison Kowalski✌❤ (@alison_babyyyy) October 4, 2012

If Romney wins and gets rid of student loans I’ll probably kill myself. Not even joking

— Sammi Salvatore (@SammiSalvatore) October 9, 2012

A few people suggest that they’ve been considering killing themselves for some time and plan to use the election results as an excuse to follow through:

I really really really want Romney to win. And then I’ll have a reason to kill myself.

— pisaπ (@awizapiza) October 9, 2012

I hope Mitt Romney becomes president so I’ll have a semi-valid reason to kill myself.

— Taylor ☂ (@whatacatchtay) October 10, 2012

While it’s unlikely that all of the Twitterers spotlighted are seriously contemplating suicide, some very well may be. To those whose intentions are genuine, we urge that you seek help. No election is worth ending your life over.

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