Ever Dream Of Joining The Ballet? Well…Don’t. Here’s Why You Shouldn’t.

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As a child, I dreamed of becoming an astronaut. I envisioned the life of a modern day explorer, setting sail through the cosmos. But as I grew older, the dream faded to a more conventional path. You know, the safe one that every parent wants their kid to follow.

Many girls growing up, dreaming that one day they’ll become ballet dancers. Instead of just letting that dream fade into disappointment, those girls should see the truth behind ballet.

It’s kind of horrifying.

Ever dream of becoming the ballerina of your childhood dreams?

Well, 6 hours of rehearsals will do wonders for your feet.

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Maybe my parents were right to send me down a different path. (Or maybe this girl still loves her dream job as much as she did when she twirled as a 4-year-old.) I guess we’ll never know. But maybe that’s the true meaning of regret. It’s the NOT knowing.

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