Every Year, Turtles Get Stuck In These Railroad Tracks — This Is The Cute Solution

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When a bunch of turtles were found riding the rails near the Suma Aqualife Park in Kobe, Japan, something had to be done. Because of the park’s proximity to the ocean, these cute critters often end up climbing over one of the train tracks, becoming stuck between the two.

With nowhere to go though, they previously had to walk along the track where either they were run over by a train, or ended up destroying railway switches. At least that was until the West Japan Railway Company came up with a solution that has the Internet abuzz.

Because the turtles could hurt themselves, the train, or the switches, all causing major delays, the railway company worked hard with marine experts to determine a viable and cost-effective solution.

Their eventual idea? Create escape ditches for turtles all throughout the region.

And the results have been phenomenal. In just a few months, the passageways have saved the lives of at least ten turtles, not to mention the monetary benefits associated with trains arriving on time.

One thing’s for sure: this is definitely a better long-term fix compared to getting seeing-eye dogs for all the turtles…

Thanks to the ingenuity of a few, everyone in this situation comes out a winner.

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