Excuse us, HuffPost: WHO exactly is determined to keep the black populace unarmed?

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We’ll admit that it’s an interesting read: HuffPost interviewed 11 black gun owners for its piece, “Why Black People Own Guns.” We’d be curious to read the author’s similar take on why white people own guns — the results would probably look a lot alike.

Still, we just can’t get on board with Julia Craven’s thesis:

So what does black gun ownership mean in a country so determined to keep its black populace unarmed? Since the 2016 election, interest in firearms has supposedly ticked upward in the black community. Gun shops and clubs link the interest to a desire for self-protection against the white supremacists emboldened by President Donald Trump’s election.

“A country” so determined to keep its black populace unarmed? Really? Um, remind us again who is most determined to keep guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens?

That said, people of all colors were taken aback by that headline.

Read more: https://twitchy.com/brettt-3136/2018/01/06/hey-huffpost-who-exactly-is-determined-to-keep-the-black-populace-unarmed/

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