‘F*ck you all’: Hateful pro-aborts spew venom at Marchers for Life


An estimated 500,000 people have taken to the streets of DC today to march on behalf of the unborn. And apparently, to sick, pro-abort lefties, there’s nothing so offensive and objectionable as valuing life:

#MarchForLife fuck you all

— Jerome G (@jeromeglassman) January 25, 2013

Fuck this pro-life rally.

— e. (@E827) January 25, 2013

I’m all for freedom of speech, but I hope it is cold and snowy and miserable for the #MarchforLife protest today.

— Jamison Doran (@jamdizzle) January 25, 2013

Lol at the #marchforlife. Back the fuck away from my uterus, you crazies.

— Bogna Maslanka (@BEMaslanka) January 25, 2013

Fuck the pro life march…..they were soooo disrespectful during my presidents inauguration

— French Toast LaFlare (@f3toast) January 25, 2013

Today’s personal bonus for the Pro-Life protest in DC: snow blizzard. The irony of wishing pro-lifers to freeze to death can’t escape me.

— Karen D. Lioness (@DeadLioness) January 25, 2013

Go the fuck back to where you came from pro life motherfuckers

— young sleep (@christiellen) January 25, 2013

to everyone who went on the pro-lIfe march, fuck you.

— hotujec (@hotujec) January 25, 2013

@wulfwerksanti choice, pro-life except when it comes to executions, pro life nuts, anti choice fuckers, no choice for you nazis..etc…

— u (@gongoozles) January 25, 2013


— Freya (@freyayah) January 25, 2013

sorry that you think you can decide if a woman has a choice or not. fuck this fucked up country, and fuck #marchforlife

— shaun (@seans_magic_box) January 25, 2013

Rep agenda is to preserve the sanctity of rape?Where do they come up with this shit?Mom’s basement while #MarchforLife goes on in DC.

— ShellyB (@Shelly_Bl) January 25, 2013

lol choke on a dick, you pseudo-human fuck “@huffingtonpost: Pope tweets shout out to Pro-Life rally in DC @pontifex huff.to/10Jh8HX

— Cassidy Creech (@CassidyCreech) January 25, 2013

The #MarchForLife slogan: “We’ll force you to be born but we don’t give a shit about you once you get here.”

— Bridget Rogers (@bridget_says) January 25, 2013

Do NOT sleep with any of them women at #MarchForLife!!! They will punch a hole in the condom!!!

— Rucka Rucka Ali (@RuckaRuckaAli) January 25, 2013

if you support #marchforlife you also support INCEST. fuck you.

— ⒶKVLT LXVDXRⒺ (@2_spooky_4_u) January 25, 2013

Ha! Just found out that the rude little sots on the metro were all going to a pro-life rally. FUCK YOU ALL EVEN MOAR.

— Priyanka Joseph (@Pjoseph85) January 25, 2013

To all who are attending the #MarchForLife today: I hope you freeze to death. #prochoice #idiots

— Ellie Borzilleri ♪ (@EllieBellie04) January 25, 2013

Hope they all freeze to death. #yesisaidit #sorrynotsorry #educateyourselfwithsomescience #marchforlife

— Amanda Mandana G (@mandanag6) January 25, 2013

Just disgusting.

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