Former NFL Player Who Swam Nine Miles To Safety Says He Was Circled By A Shark

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Rob Konrad, a former fullback for the Miami Dolphins, gave a news conference today after being released from the hospital.

1. Rob Konrad, a 38-year-old former fullback for the Miami Dolphins, swam nine miles to safety after falling off his fishing boat in the Atlantic Ocean.

Brian Bahr /Allsport

2. For reference, nine miles is the equivalent of 158.4 football fields.

3. On Monday, Konrad held a news conference to discuss his incredible swim to safety.

Konrad said he was thrown into the water without a life vest when his boat took an hit by an “unusually large wave hit.” The former fullback was in the water for a total of 16 hours, and said he was attacked by a variety of sea life while in the ocean. He told reporters he was “circled by a shark as the sun went down.” By the time Konrad reached shore sometime around 4 a.m., he was too weak to walk. Then, he was able to contact the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

6. Konrad played six seasons in the NFL, retiring in 2004. He was most recently listed at 6’3″, 255 pounds.

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