Happy New Year! Your payroll taxes just went up.


Even if the fiscal cliff deal (aka crap sandwich) is enacted, your payroll taxes will increase. Aren’t you excited?

Two bimbets on @msnbc don’t know that payroll taxes go up for all earning less than $113k? Middle class got screwed. @msnbc @joenbc

— Mike(@Mty917) January 1, 2013

So excited for 2013 and the new blessings that will occur.. Not excited about the higher payroll taxes on EVERYONE…

— Eddie Loomis (@elsooner) January 1, 2013

Despite all the good news this morning. The expiring payroll tax cut means a HH with $50k income gets a $1000 increase in taxes annually.

— Dchinni (@Dchinni) January 1, 2013

So our payroll taxes increase by 2% and Obama says the middle class isn’t affected. #cutthespending and stop increasing taxes WTF

— Jimmy George (@AllThreadMusick) January 1, 2013

Max Baucus says the tax deal approved by the Senate prevents an increase in tax rates for middle income Americans. It raises payroll taxes!

— Rick Kahler (@RickKahler) January 1, 2013

Something to keep in mind when the politicians blather on about “extending tax cuts to 98%” of Americans.

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