Hashtag fail: Things Mitt Romney has never done exposes Obama’s failures


Oh, dear. How sad! The Left is continuing to try to foment pitiful class warfare, while extolling the virtues of their “man of the people.” Of course, President Obama is not man of the business people or those icky “bitter clingers” or anything. President Obama is only man of the totally out of touch people. Well, and golfers … as long as there are no women in the foursome.


Oh, honey. Bless your heart. Even adding a bunch of hashtags as a sad “call to arms” didn’t work.


Instead, conservatives took it over and dominated, as always. #ThingsMittRomneyHasNeverDone? Well, he hasn’t done a lot of what has caused President Obama to be the total failure that the is.

#ThingsMittRomneyHasNeverDone Married a woman who was not proud of her country

— Quik J Hit (@QuikHit) July 25, 2012

#ThingsMittRomneyHasNeverDone bought a few DVDs as a national gift to our closest allies

— Robert Laurie (@RobertLaurie) July 25, 2012

#ThingsMittRomneyHasNeverDone His list is alot shorter than #Obama who has never had real private job, run a business, or meet a payroll

— Jen – FU #ISIS (@jensan1332) July 25, 2012

#ThingsMittRomneyHasNeverDone Launched a political career in the home of an admitted terrorist

— BattleSwarm (@BattleSwarmBlog) July 25, 2012

#ThingsMittRomneyHasNeverDone visited all 57 states.

— Robert Laurie (@RobertLaurie) July 25, 2012

#ThingsMittRomneyHasNeverDone attended more than 100 fundraisers while not meeting even once with his jobs council.

— Kevin Eder (@keder) July 25, 2012

#ThingsMittRomneyHasNeverDone sit under the leadership of a pastor for 20 years that screams "God D*mn America!" from the pulpit

— Demetrius Minor (@dminor85) July 25, 2012

#ThingsMittRomneyHasNeverDone implied that minorities are too stupid to obtain a photo ID

— Leah (@oooitsleah) July 25, 2012

#ThingsMittRomneyHasNeverDone Bow to a foreign leader

— Paul Tully (@Papatul) July 25, 2012

Stole a major automotive company and gave it to his union cronies. #ThingsMittRomneyHasNeverDone

— Mattphilbin (@Mattphilbin) July 25, 2012


#ThingsMittRomneyHasNeverDone praised Democrat Senator Robert Byrd, member of the KKK and who filibustered Civil Rights legislation

— Katy (@KatyinIndy) July 25, 2012


Told small businessmen that the government built their businesses for them. #ThingsMittRomneyHasNeverDone

— SunnyRight (@sunnyright) July 25, 2012

Boom! More, please, Twitter.

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