Hillary Clinton raising money off of #UCCShooting [screenshots]

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Never let a good crisis — or a partial quote from hack Ryan Lizza — go to waste.

Hillary Clinton is using Lizza’s partial quote of Jeb Bush saying “stuff happens” when discussing the Umpqua Community College shooting to build her email list:

She’s also sending a similar “add your name” message out in email, although without the bogus quote:

But once you “add your name,” Hillary asks you to donate to her campaign.

Serious-face Hillary asks for your email, but it’s happy-face Hillary who wants your cash:

Is she so desperate for funds that she has to fundraise off a tragedy?

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2015/10/07/hillary-clinton-uses-bogus-stuff-happens-quote-to-raise-money-off-of-uccshooting-screenshots/

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