Hope and itch: DNC motel filth inspires #BedbugsforObama


As Twitchy reported, the hotels assigned to press and others by the DNC are hotbeds of filth, bugs and hookers.

@mattersofmedia @MacBetty #Bedbugs4Obama

— The Morning Spew (@TheMorningSpew) September 4, 2012

Hope and itch, baby!

This inspired the side-splitting hashtag #BedbugsforObama. Hey, he’s that desperate for votes!

#Bedbugs4Obama Stop by our #DNC booth for a quick bite. #tcot

— The Morning Spew (@TheMorningSpew) September 4, 2012

#Bedbugs4Obama We're all itching for change

— The Morning Spew (@TheMorningSpew) September 4, 2012

New campaign button #Bedbugs4Obama #TheBankofAmericaDNC #dnc2012 #cspj #tcot #teaparty #lnyhbt #p1 #p2 #p21 pic.twitter.com/gKESJzLj

— BarrySux (@BarrySux) September 4, 2012


Maybe .@stefcutter and .@Messina2012 can shanghai #Bedbugs4Obama to fill BofA Stadium http://t.co/rZoNHdJi

— Mr. McStuckerson ن (@ImPoliticalWill) September 4, 2012

#Bedbugs4Obama Because parasites should stick together.

— Sandy (@VioletTiger2) September 4, 2012

#Bedbugs4Obama Infesting in America's future

— Bossy Brat (@JGalt9) September 4, 2012

Dems import #Bedbugs4Obama to unsuspecting convention host city (not to mention crabs) #DNC2012

— Rosalie Stafford (@StaffordRosalie) September 4, 2012

#Bedbugs4Obama Because we didn't want occupy wall street to be the only infestation!

— I Luv to Laugh (@eyeluv2laff) September 4, 2012

#Bedbugs4Obama We're not responsible for this itch. This itch was inherited from a previous infestation of lice.

— Prose Haikus (@prosehaikus) September 4, 2012

#Bedbugs4Obama <<<—-That's not true. There are still six hundred trillion bedbugs that don't have access to affordable healthcare.

— d. (@dink_daniels) September 4, 2012

It' racist to say bedbug @TheMorningSpew: #Bedbugs4Obama Drunk delegate from Chicago sent home for impersonating a Bedbug #StopTheInsanity

— Lostmyleggins (@lostmyleggins) September 4, 2012

those poor bedbugs RT @Papatul #Bedbugs4Obama Headline: Charlotte Bedbug Community Infested By Democrats

— Grottahouse (@grottahouse) September 4, 2012

Can’t they just leave the bedbugs in peace?!

Best hashtag ever?? ——> MT @TheMorningSpew #Bedbugs4Obama Proud sponsors of the DNC Convention.

— LittleMissRightie (@LilMissRightie) September 4, 2012

At the top, for sure.

Keep them coming, Twitter!

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