Hypocritical White House in no rush to #RaiseTheWage for its unpaid interns; Iowahawk zings



With the way the White House has relentless pushed for a minimum wage increase:


You’d think they’d be only too eager to lead by example.

Fat chance:


From HuffPo, via Instapundit:

The White House declined multiple opportunities to comment on whether it would rethink its position on not compensating the roughly 300 interns who work there each year. Also met with silence was Stephen Lurie, who elevated the issue in a recent Washington Post op-ed. In it, he told the president: “Unpaid internships contradict your commitments and your economic agenda.”

“It is pretty indefensible from a publicity point of view, given the nature of their outreach on a lot of other economic subjects,” Lurie said of the lack of a response from the administration, which dates back to April 3. “There is not a huge constituency they have to answer to. Who are they going to piss off by not answering? Right now it is just young people and economic-justice advocates.”

Sounds like the White House needs some perspective — and a good intellectual smacking. Fortunately, expert White House smacker Iowahawk is up to the task:

Diff between entry level Walmart job and White House internship?
1. Walmart pays.
2. Nobody giggles at "I'm an entry level Walmart worker."— David Burge (@iowahawkblog) April 29, 2014


Heh. One more:




Yes. He. Did. And we love him for it.



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