I Wish I Had These Teachers When I Was Young. They’re Too Cool For School.

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Having an awesome teacher can make all the difference when you’re in high school and college. However these 23 teachers…well they’re redefining what it means to be awesome . I really wish I had someone as cool as the teacher in #8 for my English class.

1.) Impressive.

2.) That’s a good question.

3.) Best yearbook photo ever.

4.) Subtle Lady Gaga reference.

5.) If only ninjas knew magic.

6.) Gotta love a teacher that appreciates art.

7.) A helpful reminder.

8.) Romance tips, and literature.

9.) It’s the only sure way to succeed.

10.) Secret stash of memes in the teachers’ lounge.

11.) Never a wasp problem in science class.

12.) If only it were that easy.

13.) Yeah bro!

14.) Start your day with coffee and Nic Cage.

15.) It’s probably the best way to do it.

16.) Why not Zoidberg?

17.) Predicting the future.

18.) Because, science!

19.) Always question authority.

20.) That’s how you learn biology.

21.) How did they know?!

22.) Sick burn!

23.) That was a close one.

(Via: Mashable)

Somehow, this actually makes me want to go back to school. Share these 23 awesome teachers with your friends on Facebook by clicking below. 

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