Inspirational 1 Year Old Amputee Keeps Pushing Forward. OMG My Heart Is Melting.

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Kayden Elijah was born with an Omhalocele, a birth defect that causes organs to remain outside the body. That means Kayden had to have two abdominal surgeries and sadly have both his legs amputated.

Watch as 1-year-old Kayden takes his very first steps with prosthetics all while continuously stating “I got it!”, becoming more confident with each step. OMG YOU GUYS…

What a beautiful little boy. His cheery “I got it!” is an inspiration to us all. Keep moving on little dude.

Kayden’s family are currently raising money for extra physical therapy visits, braces and prosthetics for Kayden, not to mention to help pay off the outstanding medical bills.

Source: Nikki Sessoms

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