Instead Of Making A Meal Of This Chipmunk, A Cat Decided To Befriend It Instead

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We hold certain truths to be self-evident. One of those truths is that cats really, really hate rodents.

Or do they? When this girl’s cat was outside, it came across a critter that would normally fall into prey-animal territory. The creature in question? A little chipmunk. Normally, you’d think that such an encounter would end in tragedy. That day, however, the cat was more interested in friendship than lunch.

If you have cats, you know that scenes like the one pictured below normally don’t end well.

But all this feline wanted was a friend!

We all think we can predict our pets’ behaviors, but this furball just proved us all wrong.

I mean…come on. It doesn’t get cuter than that!

Oh wait, yes it does.

“See, Mom? I can play nice!”

The best friendships are sometimes the least expected. Who says cats and mice (or chipmunks) can’t be buddies? Certainly not these two!

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