Internet sensation Sharkeisha has a Twitter account?

, , ,!/LilButtSHAR/status/405704874303971328

Yesterday, Twitchy told you about Sharkeisha, the girl who brutally punched and kicked an unsuspecting victim and subsequently became a Twitter phenomenon.

Now, Twitchy has learned that someone with the Twitter handle @LilButtSHAR is claiming that she is Sharkeisha. She says she has been visited by police as a result of the viral video and is being blamed for someone’s suicide.

Fake or real, the account has gained tens of thousands of followers.

Some of the account’s recent tweets are included below:!/LilButtSHAR/status/405706630110932992!/LilButtSHAR/status/405708628503855104!/LilButtSHAR/status/405736818877820929!/LilButtSHAR/status/405738436876713984!/LilButtSHAR/status/405749776261849088!/LilButtSHAR/status/405796166501408768!/LilButtSHAR/status/405815034237837312!/LilButtSHAR/status/405823815747256321!/LilButtSHAR/status/405846063061282817!/LilButtSHAR/status/405846275968352256!/LilButtSHAR/status/405855281566851072

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