Is this how Obama will celebrate the Team USA hockey victory? [pic]

, , , , ,!/lc_mayo/status/434708496769368064

T.J. Oshie led the U.S. Olympic men’s ice hockey team to a thrilling 3-2 shootout victory over Russia today.!/Daniel_Doelling/status/434708382004826112

USA! USA!!/stackiii/status/434708938953457664!/tnacgal/status/434709258224279552

Is this the response that popped into President Ego’s head?!/Rschrim/status/434710362403774464

It’ll take a lot more than that to ruin this awesome win.!/duchessrebecca/status/434708466167324672!/DrewMTips/status/434718465073483776


No photo of Obama — yet — but the White House did send this tweet signed by the president.!/WhiteHouse/status/434725519654133760

Ahem …!/cj_larry/status/434727395661479936


The absurdity never ends: Lincoln’s birthday, now with more President Ego [pic]

‘You know it’s coming’: Will the White House tweet a ‘Pearl Harbor selfie’ to honor President Ego?

Can we parody President Ego’s self-parodying Mandela tribute? Yes. We. Can! [Photoshops]

‘Next step — selfies’: Narcissist in chief keeps it about him on day of Mandela’s death [pic]

‘Smugness nirvana attained’: @BarackObama’s Rosa Parks anniversary tribute photo features you-know-who

‘This is getting a bit out of hand, Obama’: Awesome pic zings narcissist in chief [Photoshop]

Narcissist in chief strikes again on 50th anniversary of JFK’s death [pic, bonus Photoshops]

Gutsy call: President Obama disgracefully honors himself in speech, campaigns on Memorial Day

All the president’s ego: conservatives mock Obama’s insertion of his name into other presidential bios

Narcissist in chief: Obama honors Neil Armstrong with picture of himself

President Obama marks end of combat operations in Iraq with another portrait of himself

All about him: Obama’s birthday tweet to Biden is a pic of himself

Narcissist in chief: President Obama honors Rosa Parks anniversary with picture of himself

Disgrace: President Obama commemorates Pearl Harbor attack with photo of himself

Narcissist in chief: Obama maintains laser-like focus on himself at Inouye memorial

Obama’s narcissism during Inouye service even noted by Slate; White House posts Inouye photo starring Obama

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