It Looked Like A Typical Family With Junk Outside. But The Truth Hit Me Hard.

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A photographer by the name of Huang Qingjun took a series of photos that focuses on something you would think is depressing, but is actually somehow inspirational. He studied poor Chinese families from all over the country, living in different regions and in different types of homes. The pictures show those families standing next to all of their worldly possessions outside of their dwellings. All of the items can fit into the frame.

It’s humbling to see just how little these poor Chinese families have.

However, it’s also inspirational.

These people live their lives with so few possessions, we could probably fit their belongings in a vehicle we own.

But that hasn’t made them give up on life.

In fact, they still soldier on and have hopes, dreams, fears and triumphs.

Their life is different from yours, no doubt, but it doesn’t exactly make it worse.

It’s so hard to believe that this is IT.

This may be all they require.

At first, it’s sad to see the average amount of possessions this socioeconomic class in China owns. Then, you realize this by no means measure their happiness.


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