Jerry Sloan turns down Michael Jordan and the Bobcats!/LBeasley313/status/213627722705022976

So much for Michael Jordan landing a big-name head coach to take over his Bobcats. Utah Jazz legend Jerry Sloan has turned down the job which will likely leave Charlotte settling for either Brian Shaw or Quin Snyder.

“I took myself out today,” Sloan said. “I don’t want to comment on it because it’s never profitable for anybody. It just makes it sound like you’re making a statement about someone. But they were wonderful and there were no problems. I just took myself out.”

Jerry sloan backs out of bobcats job as sad as this make me I really can blame him

— nige vargas (@kolumvia09) June 15, 2012

Jerry Sloan drops out of the bobcats job… good choice Jerry!

— jedediah roscoe buys (@bosoxsnation24) June 15, 2012

Jerry Sloan pulls himself out of the running for bobcats coach…could it be due to the fact, they didnt get first pick ?

— g ! (@thaboygary) June 15, 2012

Good for you, Jerry Sloan

— Javon Parris (@jeaparris) June 15, 2012

Damn Jerry Sloan dont wanna coach the Bobcats either. MJ u stink bro bro

— Vittorio Sepulveda (@itzdatorch) June 15, 2012

I guess Jerry Sloan came to his senses

— King G (@KingG_757) June 15, 2012

Michael Jordan, why did you let Jerry Sloan pull out of the head coaching position? Another move, you'll regret.

— Brent Green (@MrBGreen) June 15, 2012

A lot of people think Shaw will make a great coach someday, and he’s also in the running for the Magic’s job. If it comes down to the two, we’re pretty sure he’ll opt for Orlando which will leave the Bobcats with Snyder by default.

The Bobcats lost a great opportunity to get Jerry Sloan now he withdrew from the coaching search smh…they better get Brian Shaw

— αφηγητής (@LeVrai_Conteur) June 15, 2012

I really hope the Charlotte Bobcats hire former Laker assistant coach Brian Shaw as their new head coach…he is the right man for the job.

— Christopher Miller (@dutco) June 15, 2012

Everyone loves Shaw. Not too many people are fond of Snyder though.

The reward for Quinn Snyder's epic fail at Missouri is the head job with Charlotte Bobcats!

— Todd Hatfield (@T_Hatfield) June 15, 2012

The bobcats might hire Quinn Snyder…HAHA…. Good luck with that

— Jake Anderson (@jake_anderson44) June 15, 2012

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