Joe Biden’s pledge to follow ISIS ‘to the gates of hell’ dosed with reality

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Joe Biden did some tough talking this morning:!/Carter_Cattle/status/507222236303212544

President Obama has said his administration doesn’t have a strategy in place to deal with the ISIS threat, but Joe Biden knows exactly what he’d like to see happen:!/douglasernst/status/507234712864423936

In other words, Biden was like this, shotgun and all:!/charliespiering/status/507203478595194880

However, Iowahawk and others know that once Biden’s quote is run through the filters of political correctness and this administration’s progressive approach to bringing terrorists to “justice,” it might sound more like this:!/iowahawkblog/status/507226665219813376!/SWGaspar/status/507228515888939008!/vamplita/status/507230123183980544

And then ultimately:!/ThePantau/status/507227595109564416


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