‘Knows how to blow our money’: Joe Biden’s 1-night ‘apology tour’ in Mexico cost taxpayers HOW MUCH?

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In Mexico City recently, Joe Biden struck an apologetic tone when it came to certain presidential candidates:

“I almost feel obliged to apologize for some of what my political colleagues said,” Biden said alongside Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto. “It’s a heated campaign season and I just want you to know, Mr. President, that the most heated rhetoric you’ve heard from competitors for the nomination for president is not who we are as the American people. It is not the view that is the view of the majority of the American people. It’s the exact opposite. It’s the opposite view.”

If you’re a taxpayer who agrees with the kinds of proposed policies Biden bashed in Mexico, he was still gracious enough to let you pick up a big tab:

And that’s just for hotel costs!

The veep is no stranger to sticking taxpayers with his large hotel bills.

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