Lady-part-obsessed Dem. Ohio state senator tells GOP: ‘Get out of our panties’!/joingles/status/268440074646061056

Earlier today, Democratic Ohio State Senator Nina Turner spoke at a press conference organized by Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio. The topic of discussion was the evil male-dominated Ohio GOP’s efforts to defund Planned Parenthood and how that would lead to the oppression of all women and the subjugation of their lady parts until the end of time:

“It is not pro-life to just care about life from conception to birth.” [email protected]ninaturner

— NARAL Pro-ChoiceOhio (@ProChoiceOH) November 13, 2012

Sen. @ninaturner condemns politicians that value life from conception to birth, but does not support policies after that.

— Planned Parenthood (@PPAOhio) November 13, 2012

Huh? While Turner is busy guarding her underwear from imagined prying eyes, conservatives are defending life — from conception to the last breath.

“They have no respect for women, they treat us like second class citizens.” [email protected]ninaturner

— NARAL Pro-ChoiceOhio (@ProChoiceOH) November 13, 2012

“If they continue their pursuit to condemn women, we will not stand for it.” Sen. @ninaturner

— Planned Parenthood (@PPAOhio) November 13, 2012

But what seems to have garnered more attention than Turner’s shameless lady parts pandering and fear mongering was the t-shirt she was sporting:

Showing her support, Democratic State Senator Nina Turner in a new GOP inspired t-shirt at news conference…

— Planned Parenthood (@PPact) November 13, 2012

Here’s a closeup of the shirt Senator Nina Turner was wearing-says The letters G-O-P stands for this message.…

— Jo Ingles (@joingles) November 13, 2012

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when liberal women got it into their heads that the Republican Party has nothing better to do then to obsess over reproductive organs, but we can’t seem to escape the Left’s obsession with lady parts and panty contents. Lady Part Pioneer Sandra Fluke can probably take some credit, and as it turns out, she was indeed the inspiration for Turner’s shirt:

@cristenhemmins. Thanks Cris. The shirt was designed by a lady in Akron, Ohio in response to the disrespectful treatment S. Fluke endured.

— Nina Turner (@ninaturner) November 13, 2012

How special!

Ladies & men who respect us: GOP disdain for women not cool. The only small government they push is one small enough to fit in our wombs.

— Nina Turner (@ninaturner) November 13, 2012

In insisting on thinking exclusively with her panty muscles, Turner has clearly left her brain to atrophy. Nevertheless, fellow lady parts are waving their panties in solidarity with her:

Go Nina! #HearUsOH RT @ppaohio: Sen. @ninaturner wearing a t-shirt: “GOP, Get Out of my Panties.”

— Diane_O (@diane_o) November 13, 2012

@prochoiceoh @ninaturner = #rockstar.

— Sam Melendez (@FowardFalcon) November 13, 2012

@joingles @ninaturner LMAO! I want one!

— Danisha Thomas (@psychochic88) November 13, 2012

@joingles @ninaturner Where can we buy a couple of those t-shirts?

— RNC PR BS (@rncbs) November 13, 2012

@ninaturner Great job Nina Turner!

— Shyrondia (@ShyrondiaBG) November 13, 2012

@zenallenar @joingles @ninaturner I know I want one too. Maybe it can be a fundraiser for the 2014 midterms. I want one!

— mack2mack (@leodiva14) November 13, 2012

@ninaturner Loved the T-shirt!

— 50 yd-line loudmouth (@cougartino) November 13, 2012

“@huffingtonpost: Ohio state senator wears shirt with new meaning for GOP: “Get Out of my Panties”” you go girl…

— Lauren Price (@zelda1810) November 13, 2012

@joingles @ninaturner OMG what a great shirt. Where do I get mine. Going to a red state to visit family. Pray for me.

— CPB6799 (@ce06799) November 13, 2012

@ninaturner The next time I’m in Cleveland, I would love to shake your hand!

— T. Pooley (@TPooley2) November 13, 2012

Sen. @ninaturner, You are my hero. Your shirt, “GOP: Get Out of my Panties” is AWESOME. Thank you for standing up to the asswaffles.

— Cristen Hemmins (@CristenHemmins) November 13, 2012

It’s all about respect.

Conservative women, meanwhile, are less than impressed by Turner’s stunted maturity.

Gross…. “@phrontpage: At presser protesting Plan Parenthood funding cut bill, Sen Turner shirt reads: “GOP get out of my panties””

— katieeagan (@katieeagan) November 13, 2012

Oh for the love…RT @huffingtonpost: Ohio state senator wears shirt with new meaning for GOP: “Get Out of my Panties”

— BiasedGirl (@BiasedGirl) November 13, 2012

Classy. “@huffingtonpost: Ohio state senator wears shirt with new meaning for GOP: “Get Out of my Panties”

— rikki (@RikkiWilliamsXO) November 13, 2012

Indeed. Enough already.

Sen. @ninaturner: “I have a three words for the GOP: Get A Grip.”

— Planned Parenthood (@PPAOhio) November 13, 2012

Turner ought to take her own advice.

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