Laura Ingraham has question for ‘double amnesty, extra hot’ Obama [video]

, , ,!/IngrahamAngle/status/476348032586235904

Snicker. Starbucks and nurses, apparently.!/tnacgal/status/476386342855647233

Yes we did. You see, this happened:!/markknoller/status/476391239668224000

SEIU, natch.!/markknoller/status/476396584968929280

Oh well. Case closed. The amnesty science is settled! But not so fast … Laura Ingraham has a question for the president regarding illegal immigrant children (since of course some illegal immigrants have been punished with a baby).!/IngrahamAngle/status/476357464099946497

O-Bam! Maybe Hillary can help?!/brightandearly/status/476357670807420928


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