Lefties launch ‘I could have been a Republican but’ hashtag, conservatives hijack


Liberals are nothing if not gluttons for punishment. Time after time, they think they’ve struck gold with a hashtag, and time after time, happy conservative warriors expertly take it over. Libs should know better. But they don’t. And once again, they’ve fallen victim to an epic hijacking.

Earlier this week, lefty geniuses came up with the oh-so-inspired #ICouldHaveBeenARepublicanBut hashtag. Entries include gems like this:

#ICouldHaveBeenARepublicanBut I always put PEOPLE before PROFITS.

— Captain Clarion (@UnshackleUS) February 3, 2013

#ICouldHaveBeenARepublicanBut I have the ability to think for myself.

— Focus On Progress (@FocusOnProgress) February 4, 2013

#ICouldHaveBeenARepublicanBut I passed my science and math classes.

— Chris (@ThatOtherChris) February 4, 2013

#ICouldHaveBeenARepublicanBut I didn’t want to live my life in fear and ignorance

— SpreadTheWord (@word_34) February 4, 2013

#ICouldHaveBeenARepublicanBut I was raised to respect others, help those in need, & not to be a racist idiot.I was raised RIGHT

— Mrs Ziggy (@MrsZiggy1988) February 4, 2013

#ICouldHaveBeenARepublicanBut I see women as human beings rather than objects, and I believe you should be able to marry whoever you want.

— Ben Flick (@Benflick) February 5, 2013

#ICouldHaveBeenARepublicanBut i believe women can and should make their own reproductive healthcare choices

— Marissa(@arieswriter) February 4, 2013

#ICouldHaveBeenARepublicanBut I think “don’t tread on me” counts for women, gays & minorities too, not just old gun toting white men.

— Brad Tracy (@BradTracy2032) February 5, 2013

#ICouldHaveBeenARepublicanBut instead, I decided to be a fully developed human being with empathy and a conscience.

— Deep Ecomedy (@DeepEcomedy) February 5, 2013

#ICouldHaveBeenARepublicanBut I was born with an open mind and free will.

— Ms Facetious; PhD✌ (@Miss_Facetious) February 5, 2013

#ICouldHaveBeenARepublicanBut 1) I was born w/ both a vagina & the ability to think for myself and 2) I believe in equality

— Sociologist4Equality (@Angelete71) February 5, 2013

That is, like, so deep — and so ripe for a good, old-fashioned hijacking. And that’s exactly what’s happened. Conservatives and Republicans seized the opportunity to dole out some inconvenient truth to those self-righteous liberal drones:

#ICouldHaveBeenARepublicanBut my parents never taught me it was wrong to take what isn’t yours.

— American Elephant (@AmericnElephant) February 5, 2013

#ICouldHaveBeenARepublicanBut a rich white guy named Chris Matthews on MSNBC told me they are racist and hate poor people.

— The Young Cons (@YoungCons) February 5, 2013

#ICouldHaveBeenARepublicanBut I’m dead.Stupid GOP won’t let me vote anymore.

— Jim Branch (@jamesbranch3) February 5, 2013

#ICouldHaveBeenARepublicanBut I prefer others pay for my healthcare and I like it when people take away my constitutional rights. 🙂

— Lexi Jo (@LexiKristan) February 5, 2013

#ICouldHaveBeenARepublicanBut instead I’m going to tout “thinking for myself” while denying that Republican women do the same.

— Inez Feltscher (@InezFeltscher) February 5, 2013

#ICouldHaveBeenARepublicanBut underaged Dominican hookers.

— Jim J (@anthropocon) February 5, 2013

#ICouldHaveBeenARepublicanBut I’d be expected to act like an adult, I cant be responsible for myself! Someone has to take care of me!

— JWWright (@TheWrightWingv2) February 5, 2013

#ICouldHaveBeenARepublicanBut I still believe gun control is the answer despite that policy failing miserably in cities like Chicago and DC.

— Scott Thorn (@s_thorn) February 5, 2013

#ICouldHaveBeenARepublicanBut I prefer to delude myself that Democrat-controlled inner cities have done wonders for poverty.

— Nancy (@Of_Angelis) February 5, 2013

#ICouldHaveBeenARepublicanBut: I let my skin color determine my vote, not math…

— El SOOPer!! (@SooperMexican) February 5, 2013

#ICouldHaveBeenARepublicanBut I’m white and not racist and feel sorry for black Republicans who don’t know what’s best for them.

— Ben Howe (@BenHowe) February 5, 2013

#ICouldHaveBeenARepublicanBut Debating is more fun when you don’t have to use facts.

— Bethany Bowra (@BethanyBowra) February 5, 2013

The hijacking alone would have been enough. But since when has the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy ever stopped at just good enough? Conservatives launched a hashtag counterattack of their own:

#ICouldHaveBeenADemocratBut I was born with a brain & use it daily.

— בועזיז (@Boazziz) February 4, 2013

#ICouldHaveBeenADemocratBut I know that there are 4 letters in the word J-O-B-S!

— iBucks4ever (@clybucks) February 5, 2013

#ICouldHaveBeenADemocratBut I care about small businesses and actually getting the economy on track.

— Ryan J. Kazlauskas (@ryan_kazlauskas) February 5, 2013

#ICouldHaveBeenADemocratBut my daddy raised me to work for my money & not wait for a check every month 🐘🇺🇸 #Merica

— Shannon Smith (@shannanigans0) February 5, 2013

#ICouldHaveBeenaDemocratBut I don’t like participation trophies.

— Mrs. Q (@IQgirl4Freedom) February 4, 2013

#ICouldHaveBeenADemocratBut I am responsible for my own actions not society.

— Michael Moon (@Moondizog) February 5, 2013

#icouldhavebeenademocratbut I have respect for the whole Constitution, not just the parts I like at the moment.

— Phineas Fahrquar (@irishspy) February 5, 2013

#icouldhavebeenademocratbut when a liberal professor calls one a “waste of a educated black man” for not thinking like him, pass.

— Shaughn (@Shaughn_A) February 5, 2013

#ICouldHaveBeenADemocratBut I believe in working for your money and earning your own paycheck. Not this shared wealth crap.

— Regan McArthur (@ReganMcArthur) February 5, 2013

#icouldhavebeenademocratbut I’m not that shameless.

— Phineas Fahrquar (@irishspy) February 5, 2013

#ICouldHaveBeenADemocratBut I was raised to work for my own things, not take everyone else’s

— Briana Wiggins (@BrianaWiggins) February 5, 2013

#ICouldHaveBeenaDemocratBut I still have this craving for limited, constitutional government. Hopefully the GOP gets that, too.

— Smitty (@smitty_one_each) February 4, 2013

Amen to that.

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