Let the mockery begin: White House asks, ‘Why do you #FollowWH?’


The White House reached 3 million Twitter followers today and launched a celebratory hashtag.

.@whitehouse reaches 3 million @twitter followers! http://t.co/Dc7U16lS We want to hear from you: why do you #FollowWH? pic.twitter.com/OxD060T0

— The White House (@WhiteHouse) August 4, 2012

Naturally, Obama supporters swooned in unison.

#FollowWH I follow the WHITE HOUSE because I support President Obama. Because it is an ordained position by God. He's always inspirational!

— P.A.T. (@C0C00824) August 4, 2012

@whitehouse I follow The White House because I voted for Change and we got the Best; Barack Obama! We are making history! #FollowWH

— Cha La La Promotions (@camillion) August 4, 2012

#FollowWH-Happy Birthday Mr. President! I follow @WhiteHouse to get the good news about our progress that the media fail to report.

— Hanna Gerhard (@Abbenrode) August 4, 2012

@whitehouse I #FollowWH because I love and support my President and my country. It's my civic duty to know what's going on.

— Jessica Ramos (@jessicaramos) August 4, 2012

@whitehouse I follow the White House because I Love Barack Obama #FollowWH

— Cha La La Promotions (@camillion) August 4, 2012

The hashtag hasn’t gained much traction yet, but a few conservatives got in on the action.

For the lolz. | @whitehouse reaches 3 million @twitter followers! http://t.co/0lFDnbIe We want to hear from you: why do you #FollowWH?

— sarainitaly (@sarainitaly) August 4, 2012

To see what lunacy y'all are spouting today. RT @whitehouse: We want to hear from you: why do you #FollowWH?

— Heather (@hboulware) August 4, 2012

I follow because it's a great way to stay entertained: #OneTermProposition #FollowWH

— DarthBossyness (@StacyOnTheRight) August 4, 2012


I follow @whitehouse because I need to know what's going on in all 57 states. #FollowWH

— MenRec (@rustyweiss74) August 4, 2012

I follow @whitehouse better than @whitehouse follows guns across the border #FollowWH

— MenRec (@rustyweiss74) August 4, 2012

Oh snap!

The White House plans to highlight some “favorite responses” on WhiteHouse.gov. We’re guessing these won’t make the cut. Heh.

Anyone else up for some sharing? Why do you #FollowWH?


More answers to the White House’s question from the right side of the Twitterverse:


I #FollowWH because I feel MSNBC slants way too far to the RIGHT and I need a little balance from people I trust

— Dux Libertatis (@tweetwags) August 4, 2012

I #FollowWH because Game of Thrones is on break and I need to appease my fantasy habit

— PrivilegedWhiteMale (@usafjeeper) August 4, 2012

#FollowWH @whitehouse Where else are you going to consistently find fiction of this calibre?

— Jim Branch (@jamesbranch3) August 4, 2012

#FollowWH @whitehouse Thought I might find a link to download a course for learning Austrian.

— Jim Branch (@jamesbranch3) August 4, 2012

And because somebody had to tweet it:

If we #FollowWH, maybe we can find out whether or not #HarryReidIsAPederast

— John Dea (@JohnRDea) August 4, 2012

When will the White House weight in on the serious allegations that Harry Reid is a pederast? Perhaps his recent refusal to deny the charges will capture the attention of the White House.

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