Lugar-mentum? The Robitussin is in aisle 5!/JonahNRO/status/196214244885282817


Reading: Lugar-Mentum: 11 Days to Victory

— (@NakedPolitics) April 27, 2012

The Twitterverse coughed up a few responses:

@JonahNRO "Lugar-mentum" sounds like forward impetus of sputum being forcefully expelled orally.

— WitCoHE (@E__Strobel) April 28, 2012

@JonahNRO "Lugar-mentum"? Isn't that the velocity at which one can spit a wad of plegm?

— Daniel French (@d_french) April 28, 2012

@JonahNRO Lugar-mentum – loogies. Hawkiing up a big one. The campaign phrase is a total gross out.

— MaryVal (@MaryVal) April 28, 2012

I like "Lugargantuan victory ahead!" RT @VictorEssen2 I would have preferred "Lugarific."

— Jonah Goldberg (@JonahNRO) April 28, 2012

Non-ironic plays on "Joe-Mentum" are bad because Lieberman didn't have momentum back then and the line is famous for being bad

— Jonah Goldberg (@JonahNRO) April 28, 2012

This isn’t the first time the Lugar campaign has used “Lugar-mentum” non-ironically.

Maybe Team Lugar should have sought out Jonah Goldberg’s expert advice on campaign strategy:

Also, I think Lugar would have wrapped all of this up by now if he had campaigned in full Roman gladiatorial garb.

— Jonah Goldberg (@JonahNRO) April 28, 2012

A Citizens United poll this week has Richard Mourdock, Dick Lugar’s opponent in the Indiana senate primary, leading by 5 points.

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