Madonna Fell On Stage During The Brit Awards And It’s Become A Huge Meme

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Poor Madonna.

During the final performance of the Brit Awards, Madonna fell down the stairs.

And it’s become a pretty big meme.

Like, within minutes of it happening.

The phrase “poor Madonna” started trending worldwide on Twitter.

My doner would never fall apart like Madonna.

— Mangal2 (@Mangal 2 Restaurant)

Someone is getting fired… #RIPMadonnasstylist

— joejonas (@jøe jønas)

Madonna asked Wenger for advice #Madonna #Arsenalfc

— ashtonio93 (@Ashton Richardson)

Me when Madonna fell

— Fvnxy (@♚)

And the fall really didn’t help all the old-lady jokes people were ALREADY making before she fell.

Poor old Madonna going back up them stairs like…

— RyanRGerrard (@RYAN)

Poor Madonna fell over at the BRITs while performing. That hip was bound to give sooner or later. #PrayForMadonna

— CianOMahony (@Cian O’Mahony)

Poor Madonna! #BRITAwards

— Unnamedinsider (@Unnamed Insider)

It’s hard to keep things positive…

Poor Madonna 😩😭😂

— _courtsxx (@Courtenay)

Every single person in the UK looked like this when Madonna fell.

— Year11Bants (@Year 11 Banter)

…because it looks like a lot of people were like:

Kanye watching Madonna like

— KanyeReactionss (@Kanye Reactions)

Have you had an accident in the workplace that wasn’t your fault? #Madonna #BRITAwards

— AlexMcAteer (@Alex)

These people could teach Madonna how to wear a cloak #BRITs2015

— maggyvaneijk (@Maggy)

This made my day. #Madonna

— daxholt (@Dax Holt)

And ultimately, she probably should have known better.

MEMOFROM: EdnaTO: Madonna

— NicholasPegg (@Nicholas Pegg)

And turn the sound on for these last two.

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