Marion Barry asks followers to disregard tweet critical of DC Police Dept

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As Twitchy reported, D.C. Council member Marion Barry was hospitalized Saturday night after a crash that occurred when he drove the wrong way down Pennsylvania Avenue, a move the former mayor blamed on a hypoglycemic attack. Police cited Barry with driving an unregistered vehicle and failing to show proof of insurance.

On Monday, Barry was tweeting again, according to a report by the Washington Post:

On Monday morning, Barry directed a critical tweet at the D.C. police: “So instead of protecting people, I’m advised that @DCPoliceDept called news media to come film my hypoglycemic attack & accident? Sad.”

The tweet was deleted from Barry’s account by Monday afternoon.

Not only was the tweet deleted; Barry called it “unauthorized” and urged followers to ignore it.!/marionbarryjr/status/496786541382225921!/marionbarryjr/status/496788580174659585!/billecaps/status/496793579868921856

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