McDonald’s requires ID!/bower_joanna/status/182827107326492673

We think perhaps they mean definitely. We think.

Gutted for all the underagers who can no longer buy happy meals from McDonald's WHAT HAS HAPPENED?!! #rumours

— Kushion Glasgow (@KUSHIONCLUB) March 22, 2012

Some McDiners appeared not . . . happy . . . with what appears to be the roll-out of a new policy regarding formerly-Happy Meals.!/ninjabeckii/status/182815692502990848

Dear McDonald's lady: There's no age limit to ordering a Happy Meal so don't give me that look. And don't forget my toy, bitch…

— BIG SKILLY (@BigSkillyFilms) March 5, 2012

Others praised McDonald’s new-found concern with the dietary well being of their patrons:

McDonald's should have an age restriction. there's no reason why a 2yr old or an 85yr old should be eating it thats more dangerous than weed

— Miguela Alondra (@tshepii) March 19, 2012

McDonald’s was the recipient of a coveted waiver from ObamaCare employer mandates, as were many unions.

How the underprivileged and dispossessed will respond to the new McDonald’s ID policy, we are not yet sure, but some fear bloodshed. We hope the DoJ will respond to this outrageous assault against American values tout de suite.

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