Mockworthy MoveOn: Obamacare in serious political trouble, but law is good!/KatiePavlich/status/401100252683730944

They had to leave the sugar off to keep Michael Bloomberg on board.

In the wake of President Obama’s bizarre and desperate press conference today, sent out a fundraising email to rally the progressive troops.!/Alyssafarah/status/401127434759585792

Can a national “Save Obamacare” telethon be far behind? The Dems probably wouldn’t have much trouble finding a network to donate the time.!/firetomfriedman/status/401061739501854720!/KittyAntonik/status/401125819696680960

In spite of the monumental problems with implementation, it still hasn’t hit home that the problem might be with the law itself.!/amympayne/status/401131289593393152

The law is “really good,” which is why immediate changes are necessary!

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