Mom Lets Her Son Walk To The Park Then Gets Arrested For Child Neglect — WTF?

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Nicole Gainey didn’t think she was doing anything wrong when she let her seven-year-old son Dominic walk to the park.

“I was letting him go play,” she said.

But when police showed up at her door, she was understandably confused and shocked.

After the cops listened to her story, Gainey was arrested and charged with neglect. Her bond was set at $4,000.

Since the story broke, it’s attracted a lot of attention, with parents on both sides of the issue. How young is too young to let kids be on their own?

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Children used to be allowed to play outside alone all the time, but some argue that the dangers are different today than they were back then.

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Gainey also notes that Dominic has a cell phone to stay in contact with her and that there is no law specifying at what age children can go out alone.

What do you think? Is free-range parenting best, or should kids always have adults around to protect them?

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