Obama administration summed up in one word: Hashtag day is new Friday, Left cries


Evidently, hashtag day is the new Friday. Today, Twitter users couldn’t seem to get enough of mocking the extremely mock-worthy Obama administration.

The latest offering is #TheObamaAdminSummedUpInOneWord.


Debt. #TheObamaAdminSummedUpInOneWord

— Madeleine McAulay (@m_mcaulay) June 22, 2012

FLOP #TheObamaAdminSummedUpInOneWord

— PoofImGraham (@PoofImGraham) June 22, 2012

Destructive. #TheObamaAdminSummedUpInOneWord

— Fred M (@fredontwittur) June 22, 2012

1 moretime 😉 #TheObamaAdminSummedUpInOneWord Supercalasocialisticexpiallahtrocious

— Barbara McMahon (@southsalem) June 22, 2012

Facepalm. #TheObamaAdminSummedUpInOneWord

— Nickleous Arighettis (@379RST) June 22, 2012



#TheObamaAdminSummedUpInOneWord Deceitful

— Linda H. (@Brighten11) June 22, 2012

Guess what hashtags are, evidently? That’s right. Racist.

When #TheObamaAdminSummedUpInOneWord trends, you know the word Republicans really want to use starts with an N.

— Paul Conrad (@Paul_Conrad) June 22, 2012

Project much, people who only see skin color?



Brevity is the soul of wit, genius.

And a slam at homeschooling, natch.

Your homeschooling evidently hasn't educated you about the Bush administration. RT @skyflame1 Corruption.#TheObamaAdminSummedUpInOneWord

— Jacob Richardson (@jjarichardson) June 22, 2012

Poor leftists are oh-so-bitter. You see, they have yet to meet a hashtag that hasn’t defeated them.

The fact that #TheobamaAdminSummedUpInOneWord is trending and is 99.9% anti-obama makes me happy.

— that_was_Random™كافر (@that_was_random) June 22, 2012

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