Obama has time for a Collins phone call, but not for economic briefings?


According to a new report from The Government Accountability Institute [pdf], President Obama’s laser-like focus isn’t so laser-y.

REPORT: Obama Has Spent 3.6% of His Total Work Time in Economic Meetings or Briefings bit.ly/11xg1wj

— ATR (@taxreformer) April 29, 2013

Study: Obama spends more time on vacation than in economic meetings – bit.ly/10P8C0e

— The Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) April 29, 2013

How many hours did he spend on economic briefings this year?

The president has spent a total of six hours in economic briefings so far this year freebeacon.com/misplaced-prio…

— Lachlan Markay (@lachlan) April 29, 2013


Work vs funObamaVacation/Golf:976 hrEconomic Meetings:474.4 hrVia Govt accountability Institute

— David Jones (@davidjones720) April 30, 2013

Golf aside (we all know that is his number one priority: Fore-ward), he also had time to call the NBA’s Jason Collins to give him a pat on the head for coming out.


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