Obama: ‘Our history’ demands that we tackle justice reform

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While much of the country was watching Hillary Clinton testify before the Select Committee on Benghazi, leaders of the #BlackLivesMatter movement were keeping an eye on President Obama as he hosted a meeting on criminal justice reform with representatives of the Marshall Project, “a nonprofit, nonpartisan newsroom covering America’s criminal justice system.”

The president managed to have it both ways today, both declaring that all lives matter (three little words that forced presidential candidate Martin O’Malley to apologize for his “mistake” in utteringthem) and insisting that the #BlackLivesMatters movement has to be taken seriously, particularly given America’s past.

How about a nationwide beer summitto politely ask law enforcement to stop “acting stupidly”?

If the president did provide one service, it was distinguishing between #BlackLivesMatter and#AllLivesMatter.

He’ll be out of office relatively soon, so maybe there’s a realistic chance of that happening under different leadership.

The president should be well aware that judges realize “incarceration is just one tool.” For example, there’s New York’s feel-good diversion program, which allowed life-long criminal Tyrone Howard to walk the streets freelyand fatally shoot Officer Randolf Holder in the face.

That sounds awfully like a reference to George Zimmerman, who wasn’t a police officer. However, “Campaign Zero,” which has been successfully shopped around a receptive Washington by #BlackLivesMatter’s DeRay Mckesson and associates, would “require current and prospective police officers to undergo mandatory implicit racial bias testing” and tie the results to hiring, deployment, and performance evaluations.

We’d like to say that it’s safe to relax now, as the president will never actually do anything about what he mentioned in today’s forum. However, it wasn’t long ago that he toured theEl Reno Federal Correctional Institution in Oklahoma and granted clemency to dozens of nonviolent inmates. What better way to solve the problem of mass incarceration than to set prisoners free?

It seems our corrupt, racistsociety isleft to clean up the mess itcreated.

President Obama then handed the reins to Valerie Jarrett, who answered questions online.

Apparently someone had tried to impose a time limit on today’s forum, which addressed a subject close to the president’s heart.

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